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COVID-19 pandemic while upending our lives has also been a good teacher, one that has taught everyone one of the most basic of all tasks, which is how to wash hands properly. Aside keeping good hand hygiene, the pandemic has also taught us the importance of keeping various surfaces sanitized, which has led to a sharp increase in the demand of Handwash, Surface Cleaners, and similar other hygiene products. With growing recognition among the masses that the deadly disease can be preventable and one can put a stop to the proliferation of infectious microorganisms, including coronavirus, if one uses the right-hand cleaning & surface cleaning products featuring the right constituents, the pandemic has surely seen mushroom growth of various manufacturing firms. These firms dealing in hand rubs and other such products promise to inhibit this pathogenic spread with their production excellence. As a buyer, when looking for hand hygiene on the run or getting surface cleaners with refreshing aromas and proven effectiveness, always choose us, A.G.Marketing. We are one among such manufacturers that know how to offer gold standard in hand hygiene and surface cleaning. We offer products like Liquid Handwash, Citrus Surface Cleaner, Phenyl, Toilet Cleaner, Disc Wash, etc., with rapid disinfectant properties that are suitable for use both in healthcare clinics and homes. Today, our brand Pulse Tree, has a great overall rating and is considered one of the best rated for effectiveness, cost competitiveness and product packaging.

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturers of Surface Cleaners, and other antimicrobial products are witnessing rise in their profit margins and business bottom line these days. However, that is just one side of the story, as makers of such commercial products are under tremendous pressure too and in stiff-necked competition, with many buyers busily and intensively searching for the best antibacterial products. Modern buyers wanting products that abide by manufacturing guidelines of the WHO, FDA and the likes have hurled more challenges to such product manufacturers wishing to stay afloat in business. 

At our company, we as a manufacturer of such products continue to invest in the right resources and strive for innovation through the use of cutting-edge product manufacturing technology. We form the right collaboration and work in sync with the best industry partners for sourcing active ingredients and other raw materials for making our tried and tested formulae. We can work with great flexibility, take care of small to large batches of production with equal ease, and always deliver clinically proven products as we have the most sophisticated versions of the following equipment at our setup:

  • Mixers
  • Chemical reactors
  • Labelling machines
  • Filling machines
  • Special purpose machines, etc.

Quality Assurance

Manufacturing products is simply a part of the job. The most important thing as a sanitization product manufacturer is product quality. Many manufacturers mass producing Liquid Handwash and Surface Cleaners use hazardous chemicals in their formulae to meet high demand of these products in hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes, residential facilities and similar other settings. Unlike many others, we as an ethical product manufacturer evaluate & record the ingredients concentrations of each batch, produce our entire product line in congruence with prescribed health & safety standards, under sanitary conditions, and take all necessary precautions and steps that lead to consumer safety. In short, our rapid production is always backed with regulated quality, so that products reviewed for quality, approved, packed and sold under the Pulse Tree brand score high on all conceivable quality parameters.

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